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Psychologist Session


Comprehensive Answers


What insurance do you accept?

I am in-network with: UHC, Optum, Magellan, Geisinger, most BCBS (Highmark, Carefirst, etc)   I use stripe pay to collect co-pay/co-insurance.

What if you do not accept my insurance?

My hourly rate is $160 for a standard therapeutic hour, which is 50 mins long.  After paying for your session, we can submit your claim as an out-of-network claim and the insurance may reimburse you a portion of the session cost.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

If you would like to waive your right to use insurance, I do offer a sliding fee scale starting at $65 per session.

What is teletherapy?

It is a therapy session that uses technology similar to Skype or FaceTime.  We will virtually meet on a platform called SimplePractice.  It is a secure and encrypted site.  From your compter, the sessions are held through your web browser such as Chrome or Explorer.  From your phone or tablet, you download a free app.

What therapeutic techniques do you use?

I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and solution-focused interventions.  This means that I will help you make connections between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  You are the guide of the pace and goals.  You know your life better than I ever could and I honor that by offering suggestions based on my training and experience for you to decide which fits your life and goals.

How long are therapy sessions?

The intake session is an hour and ongoing sessions are 50 mins

How long will I be in therapy?

This is an answer we will determine together during the intake or first few sessions.  Some people are in therapy for a few months to work through a situation.  Other people will be in therapy for a year or so.  There are some people who benefit to being in therapy as an ongoing support.

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