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The Benefits of Trauma-Informed Sex Therapy

What you may gain from Trauma-Informed Sex Therapy?

(address concerns about life stressors, sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, and trauma symptoms)

  • learn new ways to manage and cope with your stressors

  • better communication in your partnerships

    • reduce disagreements

    • negotiations in sexual activities

    • navigate differences in desire 

  • increased understanding about negative past experiences and symptoms

  • reduced anxiety symptoms

  • better control over trauma symptoms

  • improved intimacy

  • better understanding of the types of intimacy that you enjoy

What you may gain from LGBTQI+, kink, polyam, Affirming Therapy?

(a safe space to discuss your concerns with a nonjudgmental, queer therapist)

  • increased feeling of self-acceptance

  • reduced anxiety or depression symptoms

  • improved relationships/positive supports

  • improved feelings of compersion

  • improved understanding of own identify and orientation

  • support in negotiating/exploring relationship rules and agreements

  • navigate the terms and boundaries of your sexual experiences

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