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The potential for change 

Experiencing a trauma, any trauma, affects so many aspects of your life.  Going through every day life can be filled with stressors, lack of safety, lack of connection, lack of intimacy, and  lack of trust in others.  Everyone deserves to have a safe, happy, and fulfilling life. Through trauma-informed sex therapy, you can work on healing emotional, mental, and sexual intimacy in your life after a trauma.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist providing individual tele-therapy and tele-supervision in Maryland and Pennsylvania.


In between thought and action is the space where possibility lives. Liminal moments are times of potential change.  Are you ready to take that step towards your future?



What if you do not accept my insurance?

My rate is $125 a session for a standard therapeutic hour, which is 50-55 minutes.  After paying for your session, we can submit your claim out-of-network, which your insurance plan may reimburse you part of.

How long does each therapy session take?

Our first session will be 60 mins.  Subsequent sessions may depend on your insurance with some covering a 45 minute session and others covering a full a standard therapeutic hour, which is 50-55 minutes.  How long we continue to meet will depend on what goals we are working towards.  We will check in periodically on the progress to make sure we are on the right path.

What is tele-therapy?

It is therapy that uses technology similar to Skype or FaceTime.  We meet through a video conferencing call on a platform.  From your computer there is no download required, and on your smart phone or tablet you do need to download the App.

What insurances do you accept?

I am in-network with: Cigna, UHC, Optum, Magellan, Cigna, Geisinger, Highmark, Carefirst, and some of the other BC/BS planes


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