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What to expect from therapy

Starting therapy can be a daunting prospect, you are admitting there is some type of problem/issue/concern and that you want help fixing it. You are going to a stranger to talk about personal things and that is a vulnerable decision to be considering. So why, would you put yourself through all of that? What happens in therapy? What does a therapist do to help me? What happens when you log into your sessions at Liminal Path Counseling? These are all very normal questions and I wanted to take some time to answer them.

From the first time you log into your sessions, you will be treated with respect, empathy, and compassion. So how do you log into a session? With online therapy, we meet virtually but technology allows us to see and hear each other. It works the same as a Skype call but with a more secure encryption for your confidentiality. A link that is created specific to your email will be sent to you when your appointment is created. You will click on that link, you then agree to allow your camera and microphone will connect.

What does a therapist do? Each therapist works a bit differently. I use a person-centered approach which means that your goals direct the treatment. You are an equal and collaborative participant on your healing journey. The treatment modalities, or the methods that I use to help you, will be individualized to meet your identified needs the best. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a phrase that you will see on my website and different listings (Therapy Den, Online Counselling Directory, Psychology Today, Open Path Collective, Being Seen). CBT breaks down to helping make connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We sometimes get stuck in patterns - whether it is thought patterns or behavior patterns - that are not so helpful to the goals we want in life. By breaking down how everything connects, we can create new patterns that are more helpful and in line with what we want to achieve. Additional skills that I help people in gaining is developing coping skills such as the diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness techniques, and ways of remembering to do the relaxation things you do or want to try in everyday life. I also help people gain more effective communication skills, from simply gaining your voice for the first time, to being more assertive, to negotiating a play scene, and on to how to have a healthy and productive disagreement with a partner.

I have listed a few different articles written by others that also touch on the subject of what to expect when you start therapy.

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