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Respect Different Interests

"Don't Yuck my Yum"

This phrase has been used in so many different contexts but it comes down to a basic level of respect. We all have different interests and if my interest is not hurting you then let me enjoy it. While this sounds like easy advice, I know that can be difficult to follow at times. Our interests become personal as we become wrapped up in wanting others to like what we like. Many relationships are, after all, based on shared interests. We want everyone to like what we like. It can be confusing and many other emotions when other people do not like what we like. We have to remember that someone not liking our favorite things whether that be song, food, hairstyle, way to kiss and more, these are not rejections of us as a person. We are not our things and our interests. So the next time someone dislikes something that is important to you and you feel a strong feeling bubbling up, take a step back and recognize it is not you they are disliking. We can like and dislike so many things out there. That is what makes life so interesting.

So don't yuck my yum or someone else's yum. Find your own yum to focus on.