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I often recommend meditation as useful coping skill throughout the work I do with people to help with anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms. One of the most common responses I get is, "Oh meditation doesn't work for me. I can't clear my mind." Meditation is not meant to add to your stress. You are not trying to empty your mind completely. When the script or instructor says clear your mind of thoughts, you are likely going to still have thoughts passing through your mind. That is ok. That happens to me every time I meditate. When the thoughts come through push them back out or let them gently pass by. Go back to thinking about your breathing. Focus on the words of the script. Do that as many times as necessary. Meditation is about the practice. The success comes from the journey and not from any particular destination. Each day will be different depending on how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Some days will be harder - a major struggle to wrestle the thoughts out. Other days will be easier and the thoughts will get brushed out of your mind quick and easy. Both types of days are ok and normal. Meditation can help us reduce our anxiety both with the anxious thoughts and with the physical symptoms that come along with anxiety.

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