Awareness Month - Domestic Violence & LGBT History & more

October 7, 2018


October is the awareness month of several meaningful causes that are near to me and the work I do.  Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, LGBT History Month, with Mental Health Awareness week occurring in the middle of the moth as well.  Busy Month!


Knowing that you are not alone is so vital.  Knowing the struggles and successes of those who have come before helps remind me there is hope. Hope that things have gotten better.  Hope that the struggles we are facing now can also get better.  Being knowledgeable puts people and what they are experiencing into context.  Being aware of reasons why a domestic violence survivor might choose not to leave.  Becoming aware of how breast cancer survivors have have a mental recovery on top of the physical recovery after going through their treatments.  Being aware the reasons that it is still difficult for many people to come out as LGBTQ+, as there is still reason for some people to fear for their emotional and/or physical safety.  Being knowledgeable puts people and what they are experiencing into context. Knowledge is after all power.


13 Empowering Quotes by Breast Cancer Survivors

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't “Just Leave”


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