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A bit more about Liminal Path Counseling

Welcome! My blog posts will vary from educational information to updates about events that I want to share. For my first post, I wanted to share a bit more about my practice and what you can expect in therapy from me. Opening my doors, in May or Mental Health Awareness Month was coincidental. But it is a coincidence I like.

Bringing awareness to the idea that many people experience mental health concerns and reducing the shame around that idea is powerful and needed. The other important idea is that not everyone who seeks therapy has to have an ongoing mental health disorder. Sometimes situations become overwhelming and you need to seek out additional help. Other times you have a problem which has been unresolved for far too long and you want to finally deal with it or it is a problem that you have never had to face before. All of these are valid reasons to seek out some outside and additional help.

I provide Online Therapy in PA and MD and I am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in both states. I specialize in working with those that have that have trauma backgrounds, anxiety, relationship issues, sexuality concerns, and gender identity concerns. I work from a person centered and strength centered perspective to help you build on your strengths to gain new skills and ways of thinking that are more helpful to you.

Here are some of the ways that therapy can benefit you:

-learn better communication skills

-process through past trauma

-learn new ways of handling your anxiety

-quiet the thoughts in your mind

-learn how to problem solve today's problems and tomorrow's

-better understanding of your emotions

-better connection and intimacy in your relationship

-developing a strong and happy sense of self

I can help If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment email or call.