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Why Online therapy, e-therapy, tele-mental health, videoconferencing therapy?  What are the benefits, you might ask? Well here are just a few: flexibility in scheduling, avoid the commute to the office, which can buy into your busy schedule, ready access to a therapist who meets your needs (either a specialist or just a good fit) but is out of your area, and remove transportation limitations.  Using HIPAA and HI-Tech compliant video-conferencing software, therapy can securely and confidentially be brought into a quiet location in your home or a private location at your work.  Online therapy, will work much the same as in-person with the same structure, format, and goals. 


If you email or call, please do not leave clinical information on voicemail or discuss it over email. These are not guaranteed to be confidential means of communicating.  

What is LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy?

Whether there are relationships concerns, difficult family dynamics related to your gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual life style this can be a safe space to discuss your concerns with a nonjudgmental therapist who also identifies as LGBTQI+.  

What you may gain from LGBTQI+ Affirming Therapy?

-increased feeling of self-acceptance

-reduced anxiety or depression symptoms

-improved relationships/positive supports

-improved feelings of compersion

-improved ability to communicate 

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What is Trauma-Informed Sex Therapy?

Experiencing a trauma, any trauma, affects so many aspects of your life.  Going through every day life can be filled with stressors, lack of safety, lack of connection, lack of intimacy, and  lack of trust in others.  Everyone deserves to have a safe, happy, and fulfilling life. Through trauma-informed sex therapy, you can address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, healing the emotional and mental aspects of your life after a trauma, exploring new interests for in your partnership such as non-traditional relationships and kink, and explore how to navigate the relationship when one partner has sexual interests that the other does not.   

What you may gain from Trauma-Informed Sex Therapy?

-better communication in your partnerships

-increased understanding about experience and symptoms

-reduced anxiety

-better control over trauma symptoms

-improved intimacy

-better understanding of the types of intimacy that you enjoy

-reduced anxiety surrounding sexual issues

-improved communication skills

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Tele-Therapy Appointments


Individual Intake - $150  

Ongoing Session: 50 mins - $125 

Insurances Accepted: Cigna, UnitedHealthCare, Optum, Magellen, Highmark, Select BlueCross BlueShield Plans

      (please verify with your plan for in network status and telehealth coverage)

For sliding scale fee available

For Out of Network: a superbill can be sent directly to insurance or provided to you.

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Definition of Liminality

Ready to start your journey?

A space or state which is situated in between other: spaces, periods, or identities. A doorway is a liminal space between inside and outside. Dawn and dusk are liminal times between night and day. Transgender and intersex people hold liminal identities on the gender spectrum. The steps along the way are a liminal space between the start of your journey and the end.


Liminal Paths hold the potential for change.  

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